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The Stig is watchin' you...

The Stig is watchin' you...

Backmasking in music sites:


Other sites:

  1. MPL Publishing Ltd:  http://www.mplcommunications.com/
  2. The Beatles Official:  http://www.beatles.com/core/home/
  3. Peter Gabriel Official: http://www.petergabriel.com/
  4. Nancy Street (Good for music):  http://www.orthogonal.com.au/index.htm
  5. Counting Out Time (’60’s – ’90’s album reviews):  http://www.dprp.net/proghistory/index.php


More YouTube videos:

  1. Coldplay – Life In Technicolor ii
  2. The Ting Tings – Shut Up & Let Me Go
  3. How to kill the Crazy Frog
  4. Kill Me Elmo
  5. Lily Allen – The Fear
  6. Angry TV Reporters



Just For Fun…

  1. Compare The Meerkat
  2. I Can Has Cheezburger – LOLCATS
  3. Atom Smasher
  4. My Friend — chris.branon.co.uk



Still more to come. Will come back to later…         ‘Till then…

 LOL. 😉



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